30–Sekhmet: The Raging Eye of Ra

Discourse #30

In Discourse#30, we consider the popular Egyptian story, “The Destruction of Mankind,” recounting how a rebellion occurred and the primeval sun god Ra sent the goddess Sekhmet to destroy humanity. Though nothing in the tale makes sense to the modern mind, the cross-cultural connection to the “Comet Venus” throws considerable…

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More Big Problems for Big Bang | Space News

Space News -- Big Bang

A recent Scientific American article aroused a letter of protest from some prominent cosmologists, including renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who dispute the article’s challenge to the Big Bang theory. In this episode, we explore the many theoretical problems for the Big Bang, and we highlight alternatives available in the Electric…

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Peer-review of Plasma Cosmology

The Bentham Open Astronomy Journal has now published a “Special Edition” ([Special Issue #002] [Pp. 162-210]) with a focus on Plasma Cosmology.  The issue titled “Some Initial Thoughts on Plasma Cosmology” features an editorial of the same title by Jeremy Duning-Davies. The Open Astronomy Journal is an Open Access online…

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Essential Guide to the EU – Introduction

The New Picture of Space Now more than ever, the exploration of our starry Universe excites the imagination. Never before has space presented so many pathways for research and discovery. New observational tools enable us to “see” formerly-invisible portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the view is spectacular. Telescope images…

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Essential Guide to the EU – Preface

NGC 265

About This Guide This Guide is intended for anyone who wonders how our Universe really works, and who might be interested in an intriguing and somewhat different point of view. Is the Universe now expanding faster and faster as science magazines tell us? Does gravity alone, the weaker of the…

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