Plasma Cosmology Demands Proper Consideration

Jeremy Dunning-Davies

[Guest contributor Jeremy Dunning-Davies offers a new perspective on the recent Voyager 1 data and the latest all-sky survey.] Thoughts Occasioned by Two Recent Announcements Jeremy Dunning-Davies Department of Physics, University of Hull, England. Abstract Fairly recently, two announcements concerning astrophysical observations appeared. The first from NASA mentioned the fact that the…

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A Nobel Prize for the Dark Side

“Science today is about getting some results, framing those results in an attention-grabbing media release and basking in the glory.” —Kerry Cue, Canberra Times, 5 October 2011 On October 4, 2011 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three astrophysicists for “THE ACCELERATING UNIVERSE.” Prof. Perlmutter of the University of California,…

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Peer-review of Plasma Cosmology

The Bentham Open Astronomy Journal has now published a “Special Edition” ([Special Issue #002] [Pp. 162-210]) with a focus on Plasma Cosmology.  The issue titled “Some Initial Thoughts on Plasma Cosmology” features an editorial of the same title by Jeremy Duning-Davies. The Open Astronomy Journal is an Open Access online…

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