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The Summer Thermopile

The Summer Thermopile By Andrew Hall In a previous episode, we talked about Nature's Electrode. . . how a cold plasma corona is the proper electronic model for lightning genesis, and how mechanisms for ionization in a thunderstorm work. Now let's take in the bigger picture to get a more ...
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Nature’s Electrode

Nature's Electrode By Andrew Hall The image above is from NOAA and illustrates the consensus theory of lightning genesis. As you can see, it shows electrons collecting like marbles in a sink, accelerating down a slippery slope into what looks like a drain. A typical cloud-to-ground lightning needs a billion-trillion ...
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The Maars of Pinacate, Part Two

The Maars of Pinacate, Part Two By Andrew Hall If lightning can occur in the sky, why not in the ground? A capacitor stores electrical charge up to a point, and then lets go, like a dam breaking. It's called dielectric breakdown, and sparks are the result; sparks are the ...
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The Maars of Pinacate, Part One

The Maars of Pinacate, Part One By Andrew Hall El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar is a geologic wonderland for volcanologists. It should also be a laboratory for study of the Electric Earth. Pinacate is a monogenic volcanic field in Sonora, Mexico that lies just south of the Arizona ...
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