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Do you want to make a difference?  If so, donate to the groundbreaking efforts of The Thunderbolts Project and personally support our Website, Space News production, other video production, conference scholarships, promising experiments and research and more.

Contributions can be made in one of two ways: by clicking on the links below or by subscribing to our Patreon campaign.  The Patreon campaign requests your monthly support to continue and expand outreach through our highly successful YouTube Channel and other tools in development. Those wishing to support The Thunderbolts Project more generally, in larger amounts or as a one-time donation are free to choose one of the options below.

Donations are managed by T-Bolts Group Inc., established in May 2013 to promote scientific education and research of The Thunderbolts Project. T-Bolts Group Inc. is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by the law.  Information about T-Bolts Group Inc. is available upon request.

Option 1. Mail

Send a check or Money Order payable in USD to:

T-Bolts Group Inc.
14258N Mosbaek Rd.
Cable, WI 54821

Option 2. PayPal

A PayPal account is not necessary to make a single donation. Please click “Single donation any amount” below and follow the instructions to pay by credit card.

A PayPal account is required to make an ongoing donation. Please click one of the ongoing donation buttons below and follow the instructions. Options for payment include: PayPal balance, bank account or credit card.

To cancel your ongoing donation, click the button below and follow the instructions:

Discretion Assured

Your privacy is important to us.  Please be assured that we will use the utmost levels of discretion with personal information and respect anonymity where that is requested.

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