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Let’s Work Together

Since the creation of this website several years ago, we have received many hundreds, perhaps thousands of emails from individuals inspired by the explorations in these pages. Many of those writing us have expressed their eagerness to participate in some way. Due to limited managerial resources, we’ve been unable to respond to such offers at the level we would prefer.

With this page, we hope to begin the process of expanding our cooperative work. Some of the lines of cooperation will have to be developed quite carefully, while others will grow organically through the enthusiasm and skills of contributors. We will welcome thoughtful suggestions as we work to develop protocols for collaboration and voluntary contributions.

Here are a few of the opportunities either underway or in development:

Thunderbolts Picture of the Day (TPOD)

This feature has been active for several years now and has been the backbone of our internet presence. It is the primary reason that there are over 865,000 citations of on the internet. Most of the TPODs are a collaborative effort, and there is room for broader collaboration in the future. Notes from readers on possible subjects, backed by a simple set of facts ascertained from credible sources, can be the beginning of a role for you in this ongoing feature.


Thunderblogs has grown considerably and continues to do so. It is the most immediate opportunity for interested readers to contribute opinions and submit stories from other sources. Also we will be pleased to receive comments on recent features (TPODs or Thunderblogs). Where appropriate, some of these will be published.

Scholarly and Scientific Liaison

As our Internet presence expands the opportunity to reach independent minded and accredited researchers will continue to grow. Visitors who now have a good sense of the “Electric Universe” hypothesis can be helpful in directing the attention of others to the site. Your active liaison on our behalf will make possible much broader interdisciplinary communication than any of us could achieve on our own.

In your communications, please be sure that, unless you have developed specific strategies with Thunderbolts management, you not identify yourself as a member of the Thunderbolts group, but as a curious or interested observer.

Media Communications

The editors of scientific media will certainly pay more attention as our Internet presence grows. Communications can also include the science editors of regional newspapers, particularly those who may be looking for emerging scientific controversies. More than once a reader’s simple note, directing an editor or journalist to an “alternative explanation,” has produced surprising results.

Contact Us

Please let us know of your own interests. Give us your opinions or suggestions. Productive long term relationships will require patience, but we need collaborators who are eager to learn, to communicate with others, and to share in world-altering discovery.

Volunteer to help!

If you are interested in helping us spread the word about our Electric Universe, and you have some time to spare, why not consider volunteering to assist us in our endeavours?  Whether you have limited skills or a broad range of abilities, we can always find something for enthusiastic supporters to help us with.  We have provided a Volunteer Registration form for you to fill out after which Kathleen Luke, our Volunteer Coordinator, will contact you regarding your offer of help.

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