Thunderbolts Forum Registration Application

The Thunderbolts Forum has experienced an intolerably high level of spam sign-ups, and it seems that as quick as the phpBB (forum software) community come up with another way to stymie them, the spammers/spambots find a way around the new system. So we are trying something a little different.

We have disabled the board registration and are directing prospective new forum members here to the main site where we have much more control over the sign-up process, and better systems in place to ‘beat the bots’, as it were.

Prospective new forum members must fill in the form below.  Your application will then be processed by one of the Forum Administrators who will create the membership for you. You will then be emailed your new password which you should change on your first login, to protect your privacy.

As always, all personal information collected on this site will be treated with the strictest confidence and will never be given to third parties without your consent. The only detail in this form which will appear on the forum is your chosen username.

By submitting this form you indicate that you have read and agree with our Terms and the Forum Rules and Guidelines which can be accessed here.

    Your first name (required)

    Your last name (required)

    Your email (required) -This is the email address which will be used to process your membership.

    Preferred username (required) - Must be between 3 and 20 characters, and must not be an email address. If the username is already in use you will be contacted to choose another.

    Additional Information (required) - Here you MUST include some sort of statement to show us you have a genuine interest in the forum rather than a desire to sell us the best new ugg boots. In other words, a generic phrase like "Thank you for the information on this site" will not get you anywhere. Something which mentions the forum by name should do the trick. This is a necessary step to stymie the human spam signups, many of whom cannot read nor write English, but who cut and paste generic phrases into forum applications.

    As one final anti-spam measure, the following question MUST be answered correctly for us to receive your application:

    Once you have correctly filled in all of the fields and clicked the submit button, a message will appear above the button confirming that the application has been submitted.  Please note it may take up to a day for your application to be processed by an admin.


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