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Alexander Fournier: Electricity of Life | EU2016

There is a truly staggering complexity to reality. Yet the case can also be made for a fresh view of organic lifeforms that is in some ways elegantly simple. Learn to see organic life with new eyes. Through a ground-up view of lifeforms that emphasizes their electrical organizing physics and ...
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The Sun’s Influence on Consciousness | Electricity of Life

Alexander Chizevsky was likely the first to catalog a cyclical relationship between solar activity and cultural "upsets" or advancements. Outbursts of both creative or destructive excitement, depending on the socio-cultural conditions which had been building, appeared to facilitate artistic revolutions and bloody revolutions from tyranny alike. This episode introduces the ...
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Discourses on an Alien Sky January 2015

Thunderbolts Picture of the Day (TPOD)


Scientific Correctness

Oct 26, 2016 Think of the scientific method as the methodical application of human cognitive abilities. Everyone uses cognition to some extent; scientists use it methodically. It works through the interplay of three activities: observing or experiencing or paying close attention to some particularly interesting thing or event; thinking of ...
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The Monocline

The Monocline By Andrew Hall In previous Thunderblogs, we discussed evidence of electromagnetic and hydrodynamic forces that shaped the landscape with arcing currents in an atmospheric surface conductive path. We theorized these currents sent bolides of plasma jetting through the atmosphere, blow-torching the ground below into craters and mountainous blisters, ...
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The Thunderbolts Project Patreon Campaign Continues!

Our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/tboltsproject Today, we ask for your support to continue and to expand our outreach through our highly successful YouTube Channel and other tools in development through a newly established Patreon campaign. This could mean the addition of special podcasts and video presentations featuring a wider range of ...
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Essential Guide to the Electric Universe


Appendix II: The Electro-magnetic Field Equations

Introduction Maxwell's Equations and the Lorentz Force Law together comprise the e/m field equations; i.e., those equations determining the interactions of charged particles in the vicinity of electric and magnetic fields and the resultant effect of those interactions on the values of the e/m field. For ease of explanation, the ...
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Two Full-Length Documentaries – FREE on YouTube

Thunderbolts - The TutorialThunderbolts—The Tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of the Electric Universe and its key themes. Includes interviews with the principal figures in Electric Universe research, including Wal Thornhill, Don Scott, David Tabott, Rens van der Sluijs, and Mel Acheson.
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Symbols of an Ailen SkySymbols of an Alien Sky will introduce you to celestial spectacles and earth-shaking events once remembered around the world. Archaic symbols of these events still surround us, some as icons of the world’s great religions, though the origins of the symbols appear to be lost in obscurity.
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Electric Universe DVDs

Stars in an Electric Universe. This exceptional lecture by Wallace Thornhill was delivered as the John Chappell Memorial Lecture at the Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference in 2011.
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The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars. In this second episode of SYMBOLS OF AN ALIEN SKY, David Talbott takes the viewer on an odyssey across the surface of Mars, finding that only electric arcs can produce the observed features.
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Seeking the Third Story. David Talbott’s two groundbreaking lectures at the first annual conference of The Thunderbolts ProjectTM—EU2012 Conference: The Human Story.
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The Electronic Sun and Returning Science to Real Physics. These two lectures by Donald Scott and Wallace Thornhill were high points of the EU2012 conference.
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Thunderbolts of the Gods by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill introduces the reader to an age of planetary instability and earthshaking electrical events in ancient times. If their hypothesis is correct, it could not fail to alter many paths of scientific investigation.
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The Electric Sky. Dr. Donald Scott systematically unravels the myths of “Big Bang” cosmology, and he does so without resorting to black holes, dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars, or magnetic “reconnection.”
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The Electric Universe. In language designed for scientists and non-scientists alike, authors Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott show that even the greatest surprises of the space age are predictable patterns in an electric universe.
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