Discourses on an Alien Sky — Table of Contents

This series, Discourses on an Alien Sky, begins an extended exploration of ancient cultural themes introduced in the documentary, Symbols of an Alien Sky. The subject is the ancient experience of towering celestial forms that are no longer present. From a single snapshot of the configuration, we can work backward to the first appearance of these bodies out of an undifferentiated cloud or sea of dusty plasma. We can then follow the configuration’s evolution through phases that range from quasi-stability to earth-shaking catastrophe. The foundation of this reconstruction is provided by the points of agreement between ancient cultures the world over.

Look below for a full list of Discourses on an Alien Sky videos. As this series continues, it will become increasingly important to start with the Preface and work forward sequentially.  These were not intended to be stand-alone videos. See the three full documentaries in the Symbols of an Alien Sky series:
Episode 1, Symbols of an Alien Sky 
Episode 2, Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning-Scarred Planet, Mars
Episode 3, Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Electric Comet 


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