27–Remembering Velikovsky’s Comet

In 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky’s book WORLDS IN COLLISION claimed that, in the middle of the second millennium BC, the planet Venus passed close to our Earth as a comet, creating a worldwide catastrophe. The response from the scientific community was a storm of protest. But now, after decades of independent research on the question, the cross-cultural evidence for the comet Venus appears definitive. The anciently-named attributes of comets are the anciently-named attributes of the planet Venus, a precise accord that could not be accidental.

Today’s popular myth of stable and predictable planetary motions for millions or billions of years can no longer be maintained.

The subject of this video series by Dave Talbott is the ancient experience of towering celestial forms that are no longer present. From a single snapshot of the configuration, we can work backward to the first appearance of these bodies out of an undifferentiated cloud or sea of dusty plasma. We can then follow the configuration’s evolution through phases that range from quasi-stability to earth-shaking catastrophe.

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