Bruce Leybourne: Geometry of Earth’s Endogenous Electrical Energy — Geophysical Evidence | EU2016

Bruce Leybourne EU2016

: Bruce Leybourne’s presentation will examine the geometries of Earth’s electrical stellar transformer circuits. Both statistical data and geometric correlations suggest geophysical relationships between lightning and earthquakes. The basic “Delta-Y” electrical circuit geometry of the tetrahedron “fire element” is expanded to a little known geometric form that unifies the five …

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Comet Jets are Electric | Space News

Space News -- Top 10 #8

: One of the most puzzling cometary phenomena is the spectacular, collimated jets seen exploding at tremendous velocities from comet nuclei. Standard comet theory states that the jets erupt due to sublimating volatiles and trapped gases that explode from underneath the comet’s surface. But this strange vision of comet jets …

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