Wal Thornhill: Future Science | EU2017

EU2017 -- Wal Thornhill

Goodbye big bang and the mathematical nonsense masquerading as modern science. The future is a different universe — an Electric Universe — and The Thunderbolts Project is the key to that future. The Thunderbolts Project follows the Renaissance model of inventors, philosophers, engineers, and artists being funded by private visionaries. …

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What is Light? | Space News

Space News -- What is Light

The notion that light is something that travels from one point to another is an assumption few people today ever question. Yet in this thought-provoking Space News, Thunderbolts contributor Mel Acheson explores the query, What else could light be? – a query that lies at the heart of reliability and …

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Electric Winds and Earth Geology | Space News

Thunderblog -- Sputtering Canyons, Part 3 dsci0149

In the conclusion of this three-part presentation, Andrew Hall continues his meticulous analysis of compelling evidence for electrical scarring throughout the American Southwest. In parts one and two, Hall explored the complex electrical discharge process called a sputtering discharge, and how this process might have shaped the breathtaking features on …

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