Tornado — The Electric Model

Thunderblog -- Electric Tornadoes

Tornado — The Electric Model By Andrew Hall Cold, Dusty Plasma… Previously, in Nature’s Electrode, we looked at an Electric Earth model for lightning genesis driven by a plasma corona formed from condensing and freezing water vapor in the central updraft of the thunderhead. We also looked at the thunderstorm …

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30–Sekhmet: The Raging Eye of Ra

Discourse #30

The EU2017 Conference: Future Science — Aug 17 – 20, Phoenix.  Join us for Velikovsky Day, Saturday, August 19, 2017! In Discourse#30, we consider the popular Egyptian story, “The Destruction of Mankind,” recounting how a rebellion occurred and the primeval sun god Ra sent the goddess Sekhmet to destroy humanity. …

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More Big Problems for Big Bang | Space News

Space News -- Big Bang

A recent Scientific American article aroused a letter of protest from some prominent cosmologists, including renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who dispute the article’s challenge to the Big Bang theory. In this episode, we explore the many theoretical problems for the Big Bang, and we highlight alternatives available in the Electric …

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