Discourses on an Alien Sky #31 | The Polar Configuration: Acid Tests

Disc #31

Consider this Discourse a strategic pause for both newcomers and longtime enthusiasts of this series. Here we present a compendium of interconnected themes in ancient times—for newcomers, perhaps enough mystery and detail to stimulate intellectual curiosity, and for those who’ve followed previous presentations, a concrete sense as to where the …

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Comets: Discovery vs. Belief | Space News

Thunderblog -- Comet 67P 400X299

Today, we continue our discussion of recent devastating discoveries for the standard dirty snowball hypothesis of comets, including the recently released amazing images of stratified rock on Comet 67P. And we delve much deeper into the electric universe predictions and explanations of comet origins and comet activity. EU2017: Future Science …

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Science as a Personal Journey

Thunderblog -- Chris Reeve lobostudio-hamburg-295008

Science as a Personal Journey By Chris Reeve There is something you need to know about scientific controversies: Your own personal reaction to controversial science says much about the depth of your own thinking and your own propensity to lead. When we treat controversies as an open-ended clash of worldviews …

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Are Quakes and Other Disasters Predictable? | Space News

Space News -- northridge1994b

In the previous episode, Ben Davidson (Suspicous0bservers.org) began explaining why the electromagnetic Sun/Earth connection may be the key to a new understanding of natural disasters on Earth. Today Ben elaborates the space weather connection to earthly catastrophes, particularly earthquakes, and why such events may indeed be predictable. EU2017: Future Science …

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The Sun/Natural Disaster Connection | Space News

Space News -- Ben Davidson Sun Natural Disaster

In this episode, Thunderbolts Project colleague Ben Davidson, the founder of Suspicious0bservers.org, discusses the possible connection between intense solar activity and natural disasters on Earth, including the recent Mexico quakes, powerful hurricanes, and other dramatic natural events. EU2017: Future Science — Rebroadcast — only $29! “Changing the world through the …

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