Eugene Bagashov: Oumuamua Data Reveals Intriguing Possibilities | Space News

Space News -- Eugene Bagashov #3

Today, physicist Eugene Bagashov concludes his remarkable three-part analysis of Oumuamua, the mysterious object which is thought to be our solar system’s first interstellar traveler. In previous episodes, Eugene has explored several enigmas, including the puzzle of the object’s mysterious acceleration as it moved away from the Sun. While this …

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Eugene Bagashov: Oumuamua’s Strange Acceleration and Other Anomalies | Space News

Space News -- Oumuamua pic part 2

In part one of this presentation, physicist Eugene Bagashov began his analysis of the ongoing mysteries surrounding the first ever so-called interstellar asteroid, Oumuamua. Eugene scrutinized the rather surprising hypothesis that the object is not natural, but rather a kind of extraterrestrial technology. That hypothesis arose primarily from ‘Oumuamua’s peculiar …

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