The Mysterious Hum

Thunderblog -- The Mysterious Hum

 The Mysterious Hum By Jimmy Mikecz You hear a low rumble that sounds like it is about a mile away. You go outside, but the annoying noise is actually louder in your house. The low hum is not an appliance, and there are no factories or highways nearby. You and …

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Sputtering Canyons, Part 2

Thunderblog -- Sputtering Canyons, Part 2 dsci0098

Sputtering Canyons, Part 2 By Andrew Hall In Sputtering Canyons, Part 1, we discussed Arches National Monument and evidence that it was formed by a complex sputtering discharge process. That process involved a thermal spiking, barrier discharge in a layer of wet sandstone. In Part 2, we’ll take a broader look …

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Sputtering Canyons, Part 1

Thunderblog -- Sputtering Canyons dsci0213

Sputtering Canyons, Part 1 By Andrew Hall In summer of 2016, following the Electric Universe conference in Phoenix, Arizona, EU Geology researchers visited Arches National Monument and the deep reaches of Canyonlands, Utah, where the Green and Colorado Rivers channel through the Colorado Plateau. Arches National Monument is an astonishing …

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