Are Quakes and Other Disasters Predictable? | Space News

Space News -- northridge1994b

In the previous episode, Ben Davidson ( began explaining why the electromagnetic Sun/Earth connection may be the key to a new understanding of natural disasters on Earth. Today Ben elaborates the space weather connection to earthly catastrophes, particularly earthquakes, and why such events may indeed be predictable. EU2017: Future Science …

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The Sun/Natural Disaster Connection | Space News

Space News -- Ben Davidson Sun Natural Disaster

In this episode, Thunderbolts Project colleague Ben Davidson, the founder of, discusses the possible connection between intense solar activity and natural disasters on Earth, including the recent Mexico quakes, powerful hurricanes, and other dramatic natural events. EU2017: Future Science — Rebroadcast — only $29! “Changing the world through the …

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Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric: #2 Filaments in Space | Space News

Electric currents flowing through space plasmas can be recognized through their distinct filamentary shape. With remarkable advances in space telescopes, we see today in unprecedented detail filamentary structures that pervade the visible universe at all scales. The appearances of these unique structures have proved puzzling far more often than not …

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