What’s Inside Jupiter? | Space News

Storms on Jupiter

In Part 1 of this presentation, physicist Wal Thornhill began his analysis of the extraordinary revelations from NASA’s Juno Mission to the gas giant Jupiter. Like every other recent space mission, what scientists are finding is not what they expected. In the previous episode, Thornhill focused on Jupiter’s remarkable, electrified …

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Peter Moddel: What Can Matter Be? | Space News

Space News -- Peter Moddel

At the forthcoming Thunderbolts Project conference, EU2017 – Future Science, in Phoenix Arizona, experts from a variety of disciplines will present their unique contributions to the Electric Universe cosmology. More and more inquirers are exploring this cosmology to find solutions to lingering scientific puzzles, including such questions as what is …

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Tornado — The Electric Model

Thunderblog -- Electric Tornadoes

Tornado — The Electric Model By Andrew Hall Cold, Dusty Plasma… Previously, in Nature’s Electrode, we looked at an Electric Earth model for lightning genesis driven by a plasma corona formed from condensing and freezing water vapor in the central updraft of the thunderhead. We also looked at the thunderstorm …

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