Supernova & Neutron Star Theory Exploding — Electric Star Model Offers Solution | Space News

Space News -- Supernova and neutron stars 1033

In Part 1 of this presentation, physicist Wal Thornhill began his discussion on the electrical nature of stars with an examination of pulsars – electromagnetic, pulsing signals in space which astronomers attribute to so-called neutron stars. In this episode, Thornhill offers an in-depth juxtaposition of the standard theory of stars …

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Electric Stars in Focus | Space News

Space News -- starexploded

In Part 1 of this three-part presentation, the chief science advisor to The Thunderbolts Project, physicist Wal Thornhill, begins our discussion on the nature of stars with an examination of so-called neutron stars, a hypothetical entity, which was invented in 1960’s after the unexpected discovery of pulsing electromagnetic emissions in …

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Lightning-Scarred Planet Earth, Part 1 | Space News

Space News -- Andy Hall's SN, Part 1

Within the Electric Universe community, a growing number of inquirers are exploring the surface of our planet, identifying the indelible marks left by high-energy electrical discharges. In this episode, Thunderbolts colleague Andy Hall continues his remarkable series of presentations with this two-part exploration of the lightning-scarred Earth. EU2017: Future Science …

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Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 2

Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 2 By Andrew Hall In Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 1,  Shiprock was presented as an example of a pinnacle created by lightning. Fulgarites are created when lightning strikes and current penetrates the ground, leaving a hollow tube of glassy, fused material behind. Current from the lightning …

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Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 1

Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 1 By Andrew Hall The blue-white arc of a lightning bolt stuns the senses. Blinding radiance, elemental beauty, awesome power and primordial danger flash into existence from thin air and vanish before the mind catches-up. We stare, immobile, unthinking and awestruck. In that moment, a channel …

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