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One of the premiere sites dedicated to the Electric Universe and plasma cosmology. Developed and managed by Wallace Thornhill, the site contains all of his Holoscience articles over the past 12 years.

Electric Cosmos

Don Scott’s site that is currently announcing his book, The Electric Sky.

Plasma Universe

The nature of space plasma according to Anthony Peratt. A long-time proponent of plasma cosmology, Peratt is an associate director of Los Alamos National Laboratories and one of the leading experts on high-energy plasma discharge.

Plasma Mythology “Our objective is to study historical information regarding the structure, workings and origins of nature, with special emphasis on transient events. As scientists now recognise plasma as the dominant state of matter in the universe, the subject is conveniently referred to as plasma mythology. This eye-catching term serves to distinguish the present approach from more traditional schools of ‘nature mythology’, that did not acknowledge the significant role of transient events in human traditions.”

Plasma Resources

Your one-stop-non-shop for exploring plasma cosmology, our electric universe and almost anything else even remotely related to the electrical nature of space, climatology and our Earth.

Plasma Cosmology

This site offers a straightforward introduction to the Plasma Universe. An excellent source for newcomers.

Plasma Universe Wiki

A Wiki about the Plasma Universe, a model of the universe in which electromagnetic forces dominate since 99.999% of the universe is plasma (charged particles). Although the equal numbers of charged particles tend to cancel, the tendency results in “quasi-neutrality”, and charge separation may occur.

Electric Universe Wiki

The Electric Universe theory highlights the importance of electricity throughout the Universe. It is based on the recognition of existing natural electrical phenomena (eg. lightning, St Elmo’s Fire), and the known properties of plasmas (ionized “gases”) which make up 99.999% of the visible universe, and react strongly to electro-magnetic fields.

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

The SIS was formed in 1974 to consider the role global cosmic catastrophes may have played in our history, and even recorded by cultures worldwide in their oral and written ancient traditions.

Maverick Science

The present web site offers a generous sampling of my previously published articles as well as the latest findings from ongoing researches.  Included are several chapters from Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion and the companion volume The Many Faces of Venus: The Planet Venus in Ancient Myth and Religion.  Also included are a number of monographs on a variety of subjects, ranging from the origins of rock art and writing to cosmography.

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