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Beginner’s Guide to the Electric Universe

A guide suitable to those with a non-academic background or without much previous interest in cosmology or astrophysics who want to know, without too much technojargon, what Electric Universe theory is about.

>> Beginner’s Guide to the Electric Universe.

Essential Guide to the Electric Universe

The purpose of this Guide is to introduce and clarify the roles of plasma and electricity in space. It will describe what produces the unique behavior of plasma, and how electricity contributes to the complex and dynamic structure of the universe. It describes a work still in the early stages of progress, with its interpretation of observations in space, near and far, much more inclusive of the electric and plasma physics contributions than customarily found in writing on this subject.

We offer the Essential Guide to scientists and to the interested lay reader. For those who like to delve into technical details, links to more in-depth material are included, and will be expanded over time.

>> Essential Guide to the Electric Universe.  Translations.

Common Misconceptions

In this guide we address a selection of questions that reflect common misconceptions, not only of the Electric Universe but also of the way that science is practiced, and the manner in which scientific results are interpreted and absorbed into the fabric of our world view.

>> Common Misconceptions.

Predictions of Electric Universe theory

In science one of the best markers for the accuracy of a model or theory is how well it predicts outcomes. This applies not only to future events but can also be applied to existing data. Below is a collection of predictions based on Electric Universe principles, divided into those which have been confirmed and those still pending confirmation.

>> Pending Predictions of an Electric Universe.

>> Confirmed Predictions of an Electric Universe.

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