Introducing the Essential Guide to the Electric Universe

After months of anticipation, with the launch of our new site format comes also the long-awaited Essential Guide to the Electric Universe.  Originally authored by Bob Johnson and edited by a team led by Jim Johnson, the Guide (EG2EU for short) will be released chapter by chapter over the coming weeks.

To give our readers a taste of things to come, the first installment includes Preface, Introduction and Chapter 1 and we are sure readers will agree it has been well worth the wait.  Written to appeal to both the layperson and the learned researcher, the EG2EU is packed with detailed commentary and imagery to help explain our Electric Universe from the ground up.

We anticipate that over time, the EG2EU will be somewhat dynamic, with updates added as more clarity is gained concerning various facets of the overall picture.  We trust our readers will enjoy the development of what is a comprehensive guide to our Electric Universe.


Thunderbolts of the Gods, The Electric Sky, The Electric Universe

Thunderbolts of the Gods, by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, introduces the reader to an age of planetary instability and earthshaking electrical events in ancient times. If their hypothesis is correct, it could not fail to alter many paths of scientific investigation.
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The Electric Sky. Professor of electrical engineering Donald Scott systematically unravels the myths of “Big Bang” cosmology, and he does so without resorting to black holes, dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars, magnetic “reconnection,” or any other fictions needed to prop up a failed theory.
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The Electric Universe. In language designed for scientists and non-scientists alike, authors Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott show that even the greatest surprises of the space age are predictable patterns in an electric universe.
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