Invitation to the EU2017 Conference: Future Science

The EU2017 Conference: Future Science — Aug 17 – 20, Phoenix

FUTURE SCIENCE: that’s the theme of our sixth annual conference, EU2017. But don’t confuse this theme with science fiction.

Speakers will not be projecting popular ideas and mathematical contrivances into an imagined future. EU2017 will call for science minus the fiction. No Big Bang, no dark matter, no black hole singularities, no neutron stars, no thermonuclear core of the sun, no planets on clockwork orbits for billions of years; few if any “dirty snowball” comets; and no claim whatsoever that comets and asteroids trace to the primitive origins of the solar system (one of the more popular fictions).

This will be an Electric Universe conference, named as such because the electric force is active everywhere across the cosmos. The vastness of space is animated by a life-like sea of charged particles, called plasma, and the plasma universe is the Electric Universe.

For many newcomers to the new paradigm, the greatest discovery will be that the Electric Universe is testable. This is why so many “surprises” of the space age have animated the Electric Universe community, inspiring a global movement. Now we are eager to get the message out, and the EU2017 Conference: Future Science could well be your best opportunity to follow the conversation. Join us and become part of the change.

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Image Credit: Philip Francis, an EU2016 Conference scholar from the UK.

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