Donald Scott: New Evidence for Cosmic Birkeland Currents | Space News

On August 17, 2017, The Thunderbolts ProjectTM will begin its international event, EU2017 Conference: Future Science, in Phoenix, Arizona. At the conference, speakers from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, physics, mathematics, and the life sciences will present new, groundbreaking research on the role of electricity in nature. An important speaker will be Professor Donald Scott, who has spent recent years developing his own model of the structure of a Birkeland current.

As noted in several Space News episodes, in recent years, the term Birkeland current has increasingly appeared in the scientific literature with scientists recognizing they play a role in Earthly auroras and other atmospheric phenomena. Recently, Dr. Scott’s prediction that the unique signature of Birkeland currents is their counter-rotation has been visually verified. At The Thunderbolts ProjectTM conference, Dr. Scott will discuss his investigation into the role of cosmic Birkeland currents and the evidence that these currents power many galaxies in deep space.

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