EU2017 — schedule



 The schedule is a work in progress and subject to change without notice.

Thursday, August 17

2:00 PM Registration Desk Opens: Canyon Ballroom
6:00  Meet and Greet in Sheraton Lobby Lounge
7:00 MC Dr. Donald Scott: Welcome 
David Talbott: Opening Remarks
7:15 Dr. Gerald Pollack: XXXX
8:15 KEYNOTE~Dr. James Ryder: XXXX
9:30 MC Dr. Donald Scott: Closing Remarks

Friday, August 18

8:15 AM MC Ev Cochrane: Welcome and Announcements 
8:30 Dr. Donald Scott: The Next Step–New Evidence of Birkeland Current Activity
9:15 Steve Crothers: XXXX
10:00 Morning Break
10:15 Eileen McKusick: Human Bioelectricity and the EU Model
11:00 Peter Moddel: What Can Matter Be? A philosophical approach
11:30 Questions + Answers: Scott, Crothers, McKusick, and Moddel
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Wal Thornhill: Future Science
2:15 Dr. Jacqueline Greenfield: The Electric Activity in the Plasma of Living Cells
3:00 Afternoon Break
3:15 Dr. Jerry Tennant: Healing as Voltage
4:00 Dr. CJ Ransom: Why So Surprising?
4:30 Questions + Answers: Thornhill, Greenfield, Tennant, and Ransom
5:00 Dinner Break
7:30 Evening Panel/Moderator: Montgomery Childs: SAFIRE UPDATE 
9:00 MC Ev Cochrane: Closing remarks

Saturday, August 19 — Velikovsky Day

8:15 AM MC Dr. Bill Mullen: Announcements  
8:20 David Talbott: Introduction — Why Now?
8:45 Dr. Irving Wolfe: Introduction to Velikovsky’s Ideas
9:45 Morning Break
10:00 David Talbott: Myth as History
11:00 Wal Thornhill: Astrophysics and Velikovsky
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Ev Cochrane: Comet Venus and Planets as Culprits
2:15 Johnny Godowski: XXXX
3:00 Afternoon Break
3:15 Andrew Fitts: Mankind in Amnesia
4:15 Questions + Answers: Wolf, Talbott, Thornhill, Cochrane, Godowski, and Fitts
5:15 Dinner Break
7:30 Evening Panel/Moderator: Andrew Fitts: Ages in Chaos — Velikovsky Chronology Revisited
9:00 MC Dr. Bill Mullen: Closing remarks

Sunday, August 20

8:15 AM
MC Alex Fournier: Announcements
Steven Crothers: XXXX
9:15 Ben Davidson: XXXX
10:00 Morning Break
10:15 Andrew Hall: EU Geology
11:00 Garrett Hill: XXXX
11:30 Questions + Answers: Crothers, Davidson, Hall, and Hill
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Edwin Kaal: Atomic Structure — A New Day
2:15 Dr. Franklin Anariba: Electrochemistry of Comets–An Update
3:00 Afternoon Break
3:15 Peter Mungo Jupp: Instant Fossilization
4:00 David Talbott: XXXX
4:45 Questions + Answers: Kaal, Anariba, Jupp, and Talbott
5:30 Break and Refresh
6:30 Cocktail Hour in the Canyon Ballroom ABC
7:30 BANQUET in the Canyon Ballroom ABC
8:45 Open Microphone: Conference attendees offer impressions of the event as well as hopes and insights for the EU future
10:00 Dave Talbott and Susan Schirott: Closing Remarks

Please Note: The schedule is subject to change without notice.

Disclaimer: The list of speaker topics above does not imply endorsement by The Thunderbolts ProjectTM  or T-Bolts Group Inc.  Progress in science comes first and foremost from critical minds. It is, therefore, reasonable to give periodic attention to ideas beyond our published themes, even if we are not ready to endorse them. 


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