Electric Universe Geology: A New Beginning | Space News

Earth geology is primarily a study of incremental processes over eons of time. Volcanoes, earthquakes, weathering and erosion are the forces that geologists theorize as having shaped our planet’s land forms and surfaces. But the Electric Universe is opening new theoretical pathways for understanding our Earth, and all planets and moons. In the Electric Universe theory as proposed by the chief principals of The Thunderbolts Project, in a relatively recent period of chaos in the inner solar system, interplanetary electrical discharges shaped the surfaces of the planets, including the Earth. What evidence do see we of these events on our planet? In this Space News, Thunderblog author and colleague Andrew Hall begins the first of a three-part presentation on revolutionary concepts of Electric Universe geology.

Arc Blast — Part 1 Thunderblog and Surface Conductive Faults Thunderblog

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