Michael Armstrong: The ‘Culture Shock’ of Planetary Catastrophe | EU2015 talk

The two most prominent themes in Electric Universe research are the growing knowledge of the role played by the electric force in nature, from microcosm to macrocosm and the global impact of ancient planetary catastrophe on humankind, affecting every culture on earth. In this presentation, Michael Armstrong will review the broad spectrum of human and cultural effects that followed from solar system instability and episodic catastrophe. These effects include earth’s environment and ecology, physical changes in human biology, striking shifts in collective, cultural orientation, and a profound impact on human thought and behavior.

Michael Armstrong is an original member of the thunderbolts.info editorial staff and has a formal science background in chemistry. He has studied the catastrophism reconstruction model for over 40 years and has lectured on catastrophism material at an international conference sponsored by the province of Milano, Italy and hosted by the University of Milano/Bergamo. Michael is the producer of various related video material and publisher of the books Thunderbolts of the Gods, The Electric Sky, and The Electric Universe.

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