Ev Cochrane: Planetary Catastrophe, Ancient Myths & Modern Science | EU2015

The preponderance of evidence from the earliest written texts testifies to a radically different solar system in relatively recent times. In fact, it is possible to document that globally attested traditions of previous World Ages, lost “suns,” and planetary-induced catastrophes typically follow a consistent pattern and time-line, an impossibility if the traditions in question are to be attributed to creative imagination and figurative language alone (the default position among conventional science). After summarizing the historical evidence, Cochrane will argue that recent discoveries in the planetary sciences are best understood from the catastrophist position (the presence of Mars-rocks on the Earth offers a particularly compelling datum in this regard).

Ev Cochrane is the author of numerous articles and books arguing the case for recent planetary catastrophes. A graduate of Iowa State University (M.S. in genetics, 1982), Ev is the author of Martian Metamorphoses (1997); The Many Faces of Venus (2001); Starf*cker (2006); and On Fossil Gods and Forgotten Worlds (2010). He is currently working on major monographs on astral religion in Ancient Egypt, the Greek myth of Phaethon, and myths of Creation.

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