Introducing Alex Fournier | Electricity of Life

There are many frontiers at smaller scales of life in which old theories are being renovated with new findings that paint an electrical picture. In an interesting parallel to the inadequate discussion and application of plasma physics findings in astronomy, the biological sciences have long seen a similar failure to absorb the many fruits of electrobiology. While quantum biology is now a proudly mainstream term, one would be overly optimistic to assume that its findings are being accepted without some awkward collisions with old ways of thinking.

In this first video of the new series, The Electricity of Life, Alex Fournier reports on the useful new molecular electronics-based models that Biologist Luca Turin has contributed to two different fields. After watching this video, check out the links below for the additional details:

Luca Turin, from the 2010 Google Workshop on Quantum Biology

TED talk: Luca Turin on The Science of Scent

Other sources:

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Molecular vibration-sensing component in Drosophila melanogaster olfaction

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