EU2014 post-conference

An immensely successful EU2014 Conference: All About Evidence will be the subject of extensive review in coming weeks, including the posting of conference talks on The Thunderbolts Project YouTube Channel. Click on the YouTube video above for a retrospective slideshow of the conference by digital media student scholar, Jack Passmore.  Look below for attendee post-conference comments. Please note: we experienced technical difficulties during many of the presentations, which could then not be posted. Click here for a full list of our exceptional speakers.  

 EU2014 Presentations

Attendees Respond 

In the end, I loved the people and I loved the freedom of expressing ideas.  Also, there was the constant recognition of the dignity of each person.  I do not really care if an idea is brilliant or patently wrong.  That will be sorted out over time.  However, what I did care about was everyone was treated with reverence, no one was ridiculed, there were no petty arguments.  As such, if the EU is able to act as a platform for my work, I will feel most blessed to have my ideas first appear in this forum.  I made plenty of friends and eagerly hope to see them again next year.   In fact, that was something truly unique for me at a conference.  PR

Cool, far out, funky, wild and wooly 4 1/2  days in the New Mexico sun. Gorgeous weather, great mind expanding presentations,  and soooo many Eureka  !! moments.  MS

EU2014 was my first conference ever in my entire life.  Attending the conference was a wonderful experience for me.  I met so many beautiful people.  I had occasional outbreaks of happy tears and felt connected.  I now consider us to be an extended family.  I love you all. Thank you!  WW

My first, but definitely not my last EU conference.  Fantastic–great speakers, paradigm changing information. I finished Thornhill’s book, and am now in the middle of Scott’s book – both exceptionally well written and comprehensible by those with no physics, electrical or math back ground.  I hope Thornhill will write a plasma physics for dummies book so the masses (myself included) will have a basic understanding of the workings of the cosmos.  Dave Talbott was an outstanding public speaker–the audience was transfixed throughout his lectures, and his website video presentations rank among the best I have watched.  I will count myself as extremely fortunate and blessed to be in the same room with such gifted, insightful, earnest, open and amazingly humble people.  AM

Thanks for having me. As always the conference was like a fountain of new considerations.  JP

EU2014 was truly a life-changing and life-affirming event. All who I’ve been in contact with since returning home feels similarly enchanted. Sensing an uncanny familiarity with one another, we felt like old friends picking right up where we had left off, sometime and somewhere before. After so long on our own individual quests, we suddenly convened at a common oasis, conversing animatedly until the wee hours of the morning, asking questions and sharing answers we’d been all our life long pondering. Wonder and awe came alive again, and new hopes for the future have come with them. All seem agreed that the conference was a landmark milestone; a critical mass successfully gelled and a shared sense of genuine community gave us wings.  JW

As a first-time attendee with a background teaching mythology, I expected to hear presentations from leading-edge investigators of the electric universe, and I was certainly not disappointed! I especially appreciated the variety of disciplines represented, and also efforts to keep the talks from being overly technical. While many topics were outside my knowledge base, I was still able to process much of the information.  CK

No doubt you receive emails like this annually post-conference, but please indulge me as I relay just how transformative our experience was while inhabiting The Electric Universe. We are only just beginning to grasp the far reaching implications presented in Albuquerque; in fact, several days transpired before any of us could even attempt to language myriad revelations.  Many heartfelt thanks for the warm reception and sparks of kinship and collaboration that were ignited.  LW

You deserve tons of kudos for the 2014 conference in Albuquerque. The high levels of professionalism of presentation, organization, and general tone wowed me. The people I heard and met impressed me with their deep knowledge and ability to explore, but above all their passion excited me. The palpable camaraderie and openness felt refreshing especially with its relative lack of ego and hard selling.  PS

There were so many good topics presented it was like being in an 18th-century salon in Paris.  RP

Don’t know how you improved on previous conferences but you certainly did. Amazing breadth and depth of coverage. I was especially pleased that you had the courage (and foresight) to give strong coverage of global cooling.  JN

My experience at the EU2014 conference was beyond my expectations – and my expectations were high! I knew the content would be fascinating but didn’t expect that all the speakers would be so engaged with each other and interested in each other’s presentations. That says so much about an organization and the fact that the information being presented is new and relevant to people working in the field. I also expected to find many of the presentations over my head but the speakers seemed to be able to balance their presentation with both the professional and layperson in mind. I appreciated that and I’ve been recommending the replays to friends.  I eagerly looked forward to each day, especially awaiting  the “performance” of Dave Novak. His off-the-cuff remarks seemed scripted the way they were so perfectly funny and topically relevant. He masterfully tied the presentations together in such a charismatic way.  NB


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