Dr. Pierre Latour: Engineering Earth’s Thermostat with CO2 | EU2014

In Dr. Latour’s presentation, physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, economics, history and ethics are deployed to identify the barriers to designing the thermostat to control Earth’s atmospheric temperature by adjusting its CO2 input. He explains that Earth’s temperature is a chemical process system. Review of control system engineering of Earth’s thermostat with anthropogenic CO2 in 1997 proved it will never work because it is an unmeasurable, unobservable and uncontrollable system. CO2 does not affect temperature; temperature affects CO2. There are no greenhouse gases in physics. CO2 is not a pollutant; it is green plant food. He goes on to explain that people have beliefs and knowledge. Knowledge of nature is discovered by the scientific method: theory in the language of nature (mathematics), prediction and verification. Such discoveries are held to be true until falsified. Dr. Latour offers claims supported by credible evidence, settled science and warrants how one can know that they are true. Sound engineering requires no less.

Dr. Pierre Latour is a Chemical Engineer, Vice-Chairman, Principia-Scientific International and consultant for identifying, capturing and sustaining measurable benefits from process control, IT and CIM in the HPI by proper determination of operating conditions and the financial benefit of dynamic performance to support licensing solutions based on value-added, shared-risk shared-reward (SR2) business alliances. Justified and installed advanced process control on most oil refinery and petrochemical processes for 62 clients worldwide since 1966. Greenhouse Gas Theory skeptic: CO2 induced global warming and climate change. In addition, Dr. Latour is the Vice President of business development, marketing, engineering, projects and consulting at AspenTech, Dynamic Matrix Control Corp, Setpoint and Biles & Assoc. Chairman of Setpoint Japan and cofounded the last three firms. Further, he is an engineer at Shell Oil and DuPont; Captain, US Army and Apollo Program Simulation Branch Manager, NASA MSC, Houston. CONTROL Magazine Engineer of the Year 1999 and Purdue University Outstanding Chemical Engineer 2007. Authored 87 publications, Cimfuels editor for Fuels. PE TX & CA. Latour holds BS, ChE, VaTech, MS & PhD, ChE, Purdue University.

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