Dr. AP David: On the Laws of Nature | EU2014

Dr. A.P. David’s talk considered the sources of the modern idea of ‘Laws of Nature,’ or as they are more usually known nowadays, ‘physical laws.’ He began by articulating the difference between descriptive and prescriptive laws: nature as directly observed versus nature idealized into geometric or other mathematical relationships. This beginning leads to surprisingly large consequences for the way in which new ideas are received by the gatekeepers of mainstream cosmology. It turns out that the revolutionary thinkers of The Enlightenment found in the Laws of Nature an attractive “divine” quality. In particular they saw ideal geometries in planetary and other celestial motions. David will suggest that the willful conflation of descriptive and prescriptive tenets in modern science, especially but not only in mathematical physics, has led to some dire consequences for science itself. He believes that as EU theorists offer their electrical interpretations, it is critically important to understand the religious nature of institutionalized resistance.

David is a classical scholar (Hellenist), who has published two academic works including The Dance of the Muses: Choral Theory and Ancient Greek Poetics, Plato’s New Measure: The ‘Indeterminate Dyad’ and self-published several works of fiction and poetry.

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