EU2013 Scholarship Announcement-2

Our Second EU2013 Scholarship Winner: Laura Fridley

Laura Fridley is a second year graduate student of psychology at City University of Seattle and holds a Bachelors of Political Science (summa cum laude). She recently learned about the Electric Universe while searching for information on plasma cosmology–a deep interest of hers.  She rejected the Big Bang model following an analysis of discrepancies in measures of distance to supernovae type IA. These discrepancies of measurement implied that the interpretation of the red-shift must be incorrect.

EU2013 Laura Fridley photo

Laura’s cosmological search led to the Thunderbolts Project Website.  Our scholar said that she is grateful and delighted to have met a group of thinkers who have developed an alternative paradigm and promote a new consensus based on evidence-based science. This budding scientist looks forward to attending the conference and rubbing shoulders with such luminaries as Wal Thornhill, David Talbott, Rupert Sheldrake and Mae-Wan Ho.


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