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Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 2

Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 2 By Andrew Hall In Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 1,  Shiprock was presented as an example of a pinnacle created by lightning. Fulgarites are created when lightning strikes and current penetrates the ground, leaving a hollow tube of glassy, fused material behind. Current from the lightning…

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Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 1

Lightning Scarred Earth, Part 1 By Andrew Hall The blue-white arc of a lightning bolt stuns the senses. Blinding radiance, elemental beauty, awesome power and primordial danger flash into existence from thin air and vanish before the mind catches-up. We stare, immobile, unthinking and awestruck. In that moment, a channel…

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The Arc Blasted Earth | Space News


In the recent Space News episode, Electric Universe Geology: A New Beginning, Thunderbolts contributor Andy Hall began the laying the foundations for new, revolutionary concepts in Earth geology. Hall introduced his hypothesis based on the principles of plasma physics and electrical engineering for the formation of mountains and other landforms…

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Did Van Gogh Paint This?


Did Van Gogh Paint This? By Andrew Hall This image shows electromagnetic forces in the Orion Nebula. The dark red areas indicate high energy in the star forming regions. It’s hard to believe, but mainstream science still does not acknowledge these forces have anything to do with making stars or…

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The Monocline


The Monocline By Andrew Hall In previous Thunderblogs, we discussed evidence of electromagnetic and hydrodynamic forces that shaped the landscape with arcing currents in an atmospheric surface conductive path. We theorized these currents sent bolides of plasma jetting through the atmosphere, blow-torching the ground below into craters and mountainous blisters,…

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Electric Comet Credits

The Electric Comet—Full Documentary As of August 7, 2013, the draft listing of image credits below is not entirely complete, and some particulars still need to be filled in.  Please inform us of any additions or corrections that may be needed, particularly in those cases where the source is listed…

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