Gareth Samuel: Super Strange Novae | Thunderbolts


Supernova are more energetic and are alleged to leave little or nothing behind unlike a nova. In 2012, Supernova SN 2012Z was spotted in the nearby spiral galaxy NGC1309. The event should have been the final swan song of the star. The galaxy has been observed for a long period of time so it was possible to use this to work out exactly which star went bang by looking for the now empty space.

They were expecting to see that the star was either completely gone or maybe that it would still be there meaning the star they observed was not the one that blew up. What they discovered was something they did not expect to find. The star had survived but it had somehow become brighter.

Creator of “See the Pattern” and EU advocate Gareth Samuel, describes how the mainstream model of stellar evolution is not able to fully explain Supernova observations, and suggests it’s time to consider something else, such as Donald E. Scott’s model of the Electric Sun.

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