Down the Barrel of a Plasma Gun

Left: Aten’s rays. Right: Dense plasma focus. Click to enlarge.


Jun 5, 2018

Battle of the Egyptian sky gods, Amon and Aten

Perhaps the strangest tale in Egyptian history is the usurpation of the Solar God Amon by the Solar God Aten. Both were, according to conventional history, solar deities. This religious reform was ruthlessly carried out by the Pharaoh Akhenaton (father of Tutankhamen and husband of Nefertiti), who not only moved to a newly constructed Egyptian capitol, Akhet-Aton (later renamed El-Amarna), but pressed upon the peoples of Egypt to adopt a monotheistic religion.

The old capitol, Thebes, that bore allegiance to Amon, was denounced. The solar deity, Aten was praised and adored by Akhenaten and his monotheistic followers. All memories of evil Amon were scrubbed from memorials and testimony. For some twenty years this curious new devotion existed and then just as quickly disappeared into the sands of Egypt. Suddenly, El-Amarna and Aten were abandoned and new dynasties arose, while Amon reigned in Egypt once more.

If Amen and Aten were both solar deities, then the passions that accompanied this change of cult—first from Amon to Aten and, after Akhenaten, back from Aten to Amon—must have their origins in something that we have yet to explain.

Herodotus, in his “Histories”, tells us that Amon was the planet Jupiter (or Zeus in Greek – king of the Gods). Maverick scientist, Immanuel Velikovsky believed that Aten was the planet Venus (the Greek Athena) revitalized by a devastating cyclical plasma display. However, the dual Sun anomaly does not explain the exceptional difference between the competing deities of Amon and Aten! Is there evidence of a glowing plasma discharge event rather than our normal Sun being the deity?

Carefully note the abundant sandstone etchings from that Akhenaten period. Notice the bright rays, or tendrils, with little feet, spearing out from a central dull core. They totally emulate looking down the barrel of a plasma gun! The plasma section too has rays with feet. Coincidence? Conjecture? Was it Venus (Aten, Athena) in glow mode demanding fearful attention from a population under stress?

This idea certainly matches the time scale of Velikovsky’s reappearance of the planet Venus into Earth’s magnetosphere. Study carefully the faithfully recorded El Amarna tablets depicting Akhenaten’s and Amenhotep 111’s earlier reign. It was an exceptional period of war, deadly seven year famine, drought, pestilence and plague throughout the Middle East. Cuneiform tablets describe the stresses of that period.  According to revisionist timelines, it was approximately 850 B.C.E., during the time of the Trojan wars.

So, here is a possible solution to what were in fact non-solar deities, they were planets displaying glow-mode plasma discharges; both Jupiter and Venus. Venus immersed mankind in chaos and misery so long ago that we can now only speculate about what happened. However, Akhenaten’s illustrations appear to emulate a plasma discharge, and that demands a better explanation than a people captivated by our everyday Sun!

Peter Mungo Jupp

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