New Lab Frontiers in EU Geology | Space News

Planetary science tells a tale of our solar system’s origins and evolution, over the course of billions of years. Random impacts from space, wind and water erosion, earthquakes and volcanism are thought to have shaped planets and moons over eons of time. But do these processes fully explain what we actually see on planetary surfaces? The electric universe theory offers entirely new pathways for understanding our solar system’s history. For many years, laboratory experiments have demonstrated that countless planetary features can be reproduced through electrical discharges.

At the forthcoming EU2017 Conference: Future Science, taking place August 17 – 20 in Phoenix, AZ, guest speaker Garrett Hill will discuss his research into the role of electric fields in nature and the laboratory. Today, in part one of a two part presentation, Garrett will explore what he and his team have learned in their investigation into electrical geological processes.

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