JACQUELINE GREENFIELD: Startling New Frontiers | Thunderbolts Podcast

Avidly studying and seeking health applications for the work of Gerald Pollack, Jacqueline Greenfield hails from a diverse professional background of healthcare and science education. As she learned more about the Electric Universe theories, her passion to understand new frontiers of microbiology led her to also notice many parallels. In this podcast, she seeks to highlight what appear to be meaningful, scientifically and analytically pertinent similarities between the greatest and smallest systems in the known physical universe.Starting with a thorough introduction to key concepts, this episode will provide an overview of STARTLING new frontiers, where principals like the Lorentz force and the observations of fractal modeling will be considered at vastly different scales of the living system of the universe.

Dr. Greenfield will be speaking at the EU2017 Conference: Future Science on Friday, August 18, 2017.

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