More Baffling Pluto Geology | Space News

A spectacular recently released image of the surface of the dwarf planet Pluto is yet again sending planetary scientists back to the drawing board. In the informally named Vega Terra region is a dramatic field of craters with bright rims and blackened floors. Investigators with NASA’s New Horizons team have dubbed the features “halo craters,” given the bright methane seen on the craters rims, in contrast to the darker surrounding terrain. However, in this recently released image, stretching well beyond the region of so-called Halo craters to which NASA has drawn our attention, we see a cratered surface that resembles many other rocky bodies in our solar system. The abundant circular craters seen throughout the image are difficult to explain in conventional reasoning, given the low velocities of objects in the Kuiper belt. In this Space News, we discuss this and other mysteries with Pluto’s geology that may have an answer in the Electric Universe theory.

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