“Neutron Star” Refutes Its Own Existence | Space News

A team of scientists studying the x-ray emissions of a so-called neutron star tell us that the existing theoretical models cannot explain what they’re seeing. Astronomers say that neutron stars are very small, yet massively dense objects that spin at incredibly fast speeds, with rotation periods no more than hundreds of seconds, and sometimes faster than a dentists’ drill. However, according to new research, a so-called neutron star has been observed with a rotation period of 5.4 hours, an anomalously slow speed. The neutron star is also unusual in that it is paired to form a binary with a red-giant, and the magnetic field around the neutron star is surprisingly strong. However, no one has ever seen a neutron star, and they are an inferred entity. Wal Thornhill weighs in with his thoughts regarding the Electric Universe model.

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