Steve Smith: Mars — The Great Desert in 3-D | EU2014

Martian areography tells a story of incredibly violent events. It appears from the many images sent to Earth that it once experienced powerful plasma discharges on a massive scale. Burned and blasted craters, piles of scorched dust covering almost an entire hemisphere, and great trenches that wend across its scarred face lead to the conclusion that lightning thousands or millions of times more energetic than known today devastated Mars. Steve Smith discussed some of the more unusual features on Mars, presumably caused by those cataclysmic upheavals. Red/blue anaglyph images will provide a unique perspective. Get your 3-D glasses out for this presentation. You will be glad you did.

Stephen Smith is the managing editor and principal writer for the Thunderbolts Picture of the Day (TPOD) feature. His archive contains close to 900 articles about nearly every topic addressed by the Electric Universe movement. Based on a 40-year interest in the electrical nature of the cosmos, his work reflects the pioneering discoveries by many people: David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill, Donald Scott, Ralph Juergens, and others too numerous to mention.

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