Thunder-Stuff T-Shirts Now Available!

David Harrison is a long-time enthusiast of The Thunderbolts Project (TM).  He was so captivated by what David Talbott, Don Scott, Wal Thornhill and others were saying that he offered his help as a volunteer, lately in the NPA and EU conference bookstores.   Besides this work, Dave offered in January to create and make available various products that reflect the growing movement. Thus,  was born. T-shirts

Wal Thornhill, Ben Ged Low, Cameron Mercer, Dave Talbott and Susan Schirott model Thunder-Stuff t-shirts.

Dave believes what better way to start a conversation than by wearing a t-shirt with the Peratt instability on the front and the Squatterman petroglyphs on the back. The t-shirts certainly sparked comments and questions at the recent NPA20 conference at the University of Maryland.

Being a perfectionist and a stickler for detail, Dave Harrison insists on quality that he is personally proud to wear.  All of the items offered are designed to delight and to encourage conversation with family, friends and (hopefully) soon-to-be fellow enthusiasts!

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