EU Scholarship Announcement-4

Our Fourth EU Scholarship Winner: Monte Fleming

EU2013 Monte Fleming Scholar photo 2Monte Fleming is finishing a Master’s Degree in Geology at Loma Linda University and teaches at California Preparatory College in Redlands, California. He appreciates the Electric Universe’s contributions to his teaching, because it sparks students’ creativity “rather than crushing it under a false pretense of having all the right answers.”

Currently, one of Monte’s primary interests in the Electric Universe is related to his geological research. In every sedimentary deposit he has studied, he has uncovered data that are difficult to fit into textbook models of earth’s geological history. “I have found that catastrophism is a much better explanation for the earth’s geological features and am looking forward to applying EU ideas to my research.”  Monte joined us at EU2012 in Las Vegas as a general attendee and is returning as a conference scholar. Below is a photograph of smiling Monte at a geological site with a smiling whale.

EU2013 Monte Fleming Scholarship photo II


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