Wal Thornhill: JWST – Maverick Quasars & Redshift Values | Thunderbolts

Presented posthumously, this episode is an excerpt from the completed transcript of the JWST VALIDATION Series penned by Wal Thornhill. It is narrated by Stuart Talbott.

After the James Webb Space Telescope became fully operational in July 2022, Wal Thornhill meticulously studied its discoveries that validated his predictions until his death in February 2023.

In June 2021 one of Wal’s predictions was the JWST will support Halton Arp’s research that quasars are not at extreme distances indicated by the Standard Model interpretation of high redshift.

Webb’s early science images provide vindication of Arp’s basic contentions that cosmological redshift is intrinsic and not due to expansion of the Universe. His theory of quasar birth from active galactic nuclei is correct. The striking evidence is the quasar ejected from the nucleus of Galaxy NGC 7319.

High-redshift quasars are born in pairs and emitted in oppositely directed jets along the spin axis of a low redshift active galaxy—not at the edge of the visible universe. They live in the neighborhood of their parent galaxy and are not incredibly distant, bright and large. There is no superluminal motion and they are youthfully faint.

Whenever an EU Model prediction is verified it illustrates fundamental change.

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