Gareth Samuel: Forgotten Scientist Who Dared To See Electric—C.E.R. Bruce | Thunderbolts

“The surfaces of stars can be explained as lightning discharges which are observed in the atmosphere of the Earth.”
— Charles Edward Rhodes Bruce, 1902–1979

In 1941 C.E.R. Bruce attended a lecture in Edinburgh where he learned of a solar prominence that reached a height of 1 million km in one hour. He deduced its velocity of propagation was similar to a lightning leader stroke. Since it moved ‘like lightning’ it probably was lightning of some form.

Researching atmospheric astrophysics, he told us the Sun was dominated by electrical discharges, and that the universe was, so to speak, all-electric. The phenomena seen above the surfaces of stars is analogous—but on a much larger scale—of lightning discharges observed in Earth’s atmosphere.

Bruce published over 100 papers concerning the electrical bases of various cosmological phenomena. Unfortunately, his work continues to be ignored by mainstream science.

Gareth Samuel, creator of “See the Pattern” and EU advocate, covers the remarkable story of Dr. C.E.R. Bruce—an early pioneer in the development of the electric and plasma universe model who saw the deep connection between sparks, discharges, lightning, and the cosmos at large.

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