Mel Acheson: Deconstructing Stephan’s Quintet | Thunderbolts

Stephan’s Quintet is a close group of five distorted galaxies that appear to be interacting. Their arms are stretched, twisted, intertwined—and the two galaxies closest to each other seem to be mashed together.

Apparently the larger galaxy is 250 million light-years closer than the others. Two that appear mashed together are 50 million light-years apart. They appear together only by coincidence, yet the consensus opinion is that they are in fact colliding.

How results of the James Webb Space Telescope are interpreted in the mainstream unfortunately confirm what astrophysicist Halton Arp wrote in 1987…”As more detailed observations with new and advanced instruments are selectively interpreted with old assumptions; the net result will be loss of perspective and an actual retrogression in scientific knowledge.”

Science critic Mel Acheson describes how the potential of breakthrough findings are simply traced over with the palimpsest of the old and obsolete.

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