Mel Acheson: Playing w/Key Thinking | Thunderbolts


Sixth episode in a seven-arc series on the art of critical thinking.

With a different presumption and metaphysical key, the interpretation of an observation is different. The evidence is different with each key. The possibility of different keys is what allows for a paradigm shift.

The focus here is not how events memorialized in petroglyphs or myths might have been—but in how we think about them. We perceive orderly patterns that suggest intelligibility, then compose a coherent narrative to ‘make sense’ of them.

Science critic Mel Acheson explores some key questions: What patterns of evidence can be interpreted to fit other observations? How other observations could—or should—be re-selected and re-interpreted with different metaphysical keys? When new interpretations enable us to invent new processes, build new gadgets, and create new values—who gets credit for benefiting mankind?

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