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It’s time to put to bed the fairytale of Dark Matter. Something so dark and mysterious that it remains undetected after decades of searching with sophisticated instruments.

In 2014, a vast network of plasma filaments—the Intergalactic Web—was discovered that connects many if not all the galaxies in the universe. Evidence shows stars are connected to their planets and to other stars, and all galaxies are connected. The more we carefully examine, we find the cosmos interconnected with plasma filaments—also known as Birkeland Currents.

Author and electrical engineer Donald E. Scott, PhD, systematically debunks the theory, and most importantly, the rationale, for Dark Matter.

Chapter 10: Birkeland Currents Revisited and Analyzed
Chapter 11: Extending the Bessel Function FAC Model
“The Interconnected Cosmos”
— a new book by Donald E. Scott
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