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In the 21st century, the technological wonders of the Space Age bring unprecedented data within astronomers’ reach. However, as Thunderbolts contributor Mel Acheson notes, scientific blindness can lead to loss of potential data, and of new understanding.

A profound such example was offered by renowned astrophysicist Thomas Gold in his book, The Deep Hot Biosphere. Gold writes, “The invention of the seismograph meant that it was no longer necessary to experience an earthquake directly, or to interview someone who had, in order to assemble data on the event… [Eyewitness reports] were no longer believed to hold any value for the scientific venture.”

Gold proceeds to describe many eyewitness reports from ancient times to modern. A constellation of recurring phenomena becomes apparent: “Eruptions, flames, noises, odors, asphyxiation, fountains of water and mud…” often occur before the quake.

Gold documents several incidents where people were able to evacuate their villages and towns a few hours before an earthquake because they were alerted by odors, fogs, or unusual animal behavior. So-called folklore has actually saved many lives; seismographs and stress meters have yet to achieve one correct prediction-probably because they’re measuring only effects, not causes.

Recently, we have engaged with an Electric Universe advocate who has made it his mission to introduce the young and curious to the ideas of the EU. His name is Benjamin Hyde, a television news science presenter at KSTU-FOX 13 Salt Lake City, and prolific social media science creator.

In this Space News, Mel explains why all inquirers into reality, including and especially scientists, must be careful never to become trapped in “the rut of the nearest convenient theory,” and to remain willing to come up for another look.

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