Donald Scott: No Magnetic Universe w/o Electric Currents | Space News

It may be the greatest surprise for mainstream cosmologists since the dawn of the Space Age: the detection of powerful magnetic fields at all scales throughout the Universe. In recent years, with the ever finer detection of cosmic magnetism, astrophysicists have increasingly sought an answer to the problem — an answer which might somehow be compatible with acceptable, Big Bang cosmology.

It’s important to note, as we’ve done in numerous past episodes, that mainstream cosmologists did not predict the so-called magnetic universe. In fact, a telling glimpse into the prevailing thoughts on cosmic magnetism can be found in the 1999 NASA web item entitled, ‘Do magnetic fields exist throughout space?’ It states, “On the cosmological scale, there is no data to suggest that magnetic fields are present. They certainly are not important in the dynamics of the universe for any reasonable range of field strengths consistent with present observational constraints.” [Source: Do magnetic fields exist throughout space?]

However, today, not only do mainstream cosmologists view cosmic magnetism as important, some astrophysicists are counting on mysterious magnetism to resolve ad hoc some of the biggest evidentiary problems for the Big Bang hypothesis. In this episode, we’ve asked retired professor of Electrical Engineering Dr. Donald E. Scott to offer his thoughts on the real source of cosmic magnetism in our Electric Universe.

Donald Scott: An Electrical Engineer’s Take on Magnetic Reconnection | Space News

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