Allende Meteorite Shatters Solar System Myths | Space News

A meteorite that crashed to Earth half a century ago has provided a jolt of surprise to astronomical theory. The object, called the Allende meteorite, exploded over the desert in Mexico in 1969. Scientists studying meteorite fragments have made a shocking discovery. Material in the fragments, which the scientists have interpreted as pre-solar grains, or interstellar stardust composed of silicon carbide, is now being described as the “oldest known material on Earth.” This does not fit with the notion that meteorites, as well as comets and asteroids, formed 4 and a half billion years, as the leftovers of the early solar system.

In this episode, we explore this and another meteorite and comet “mysteries” which are not surprising in the Electric Universe.

From the Archive – “Electric Universe: An Invitation to Progress in Science | Space News”

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