Eugene Bagashov: Asteroid Missions and Crumbling Theories | Space News

Today, two spacecraft exploring two separate asteroids may provide critical data that could change scientists’ thoughts about these mysterious, rocky worlds. Since June of 2018, the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 has surveyed the surface of the asteroid Ryugu, and recently Japan’s space agency performed a touchdown on the object to collect physical samples, which will reach Earth late next year. Meanwhile, NASA’s Osiris-REx Spacecraft is exploring an asteroid of remarkably similar size, called Bennu, with dust samples from the asteroid scheduled to return to Earth in 2023. Already, what the spacecraft have found has surprised scientists on Earth, including the “surprisingly dry” surface of Ryugu, and recently, the completely unexpected emission of “energetic plumes” of particles from the asteroid Bennu. In part one of this three-part presentation, physicist Eugene Bagashov explores in detail what the missions have already found, and he suggests from the Electric Universe perspective what future discoveries might reveal.

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