Scientific Evidence of PSI and Survival of Consciousness | Electricity of Life

In Part 1 of this presentation, our guest Mark Gober began an exploration of the unresolved scientific puzzle: how and why does consciousness exist? In Mark’s book “An End to Upside Down Thinking,” he summarizes some of the voluminous scientific evidence which suggests that consciousness is not generated by nor confined to the brain. A major focus of this evidential summary is the amazing abundance of scientific studies, dating back more than half a century, into psychic phenomena, such as telepathy, ESP and precognition.

A parallel field of investigation is survival of consciousness – that is the study of near-death experiences and even purported communications with the dead by so-called mediums. While The Thunderbolts Project takes no position on these issues, in the past we have presented for your consideration interviews and public presentations by such noted scientists as Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Dr. Dean Radian, both of whose scientific research into consciousness Mark outlines in his book. Today, Mark offers a brief yet comprehensive overview of compelling evidence that the locus and source of consciousness is non-material.

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