Donald Scott: The Next Step — New Evidence of Birkeland Current Activity | EU2017

Since 1908 when Kristian Birkeland proposed that Earth’s “Northern and Southern Lights” (aurorae Borealis and Australis) are powered by electric currents coming from the Sun, scientists have wondered what exact shape these currents have and whether there are any other examples of these kinds of electrical currents in our universe. Most astronomers and astrophysicists denied that possibility. In 2015, this speaker, Dr. Donald Scott, completed the derivation of a model of what these Birkeland currents must look like. The unique property that identifies these Birkeland currents is their ‘counter-rotation’. Within a few short weeks of Scott’s prediction, NASA released a video of exactly these counter-rotating currents. In the last three EU conferences, he showed evidence that his model correctly predicts what occurs at the north and south poles of several planets as well as Earth. At this year’s conference, he will present new evidence that huge Birkeland currents also connect and serve to power many galaxies in deep space. He will present for the first time, evidence that Birkeland currents affect the Earth in more ways than just the polar auroras.

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