Richard Moore: The Pulsating Universe and Planet Earth | EU2015

The electric universe is a noisy universe. Discharge events are happening all the time, over a wide range of intensities and time scales, and every such event sends a voltage spike up and down its current filament. The current that comes into the Earth at the poles is a spiky current. Richard Moore will explore what this implies, in terms of cataclysms, alien skies, ice ages, and climate generally.

Richard Moore received a B.S. in Mathematics from Stanford University in 1964, with distinction, and then spent thirty years in software R&D, working with leading-edge innovators, such as those at Xerox Parc and Apple’s advanced research group. In 1994 he moved to Ireland to pursue independent research and writing, always seeking to understand the Big Picture, whether history, geopolitics, personality development, cultural evolution, or cosmology. Richard has published dozens of articles, and participated in many radio interviews, on a variety of topics in a variety of venues, and published one politically-oriented book, Escaping the Matrix.

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