Birkeland Currents and Our Electric Solar System | Space News

In this series, we have reported on the increasing frequency with which astrophysical literature acknowledge a fact which was long verboten in the space-sciences: the existence of electric currents that flow through the so-called vacuum of space. At the vastest cosmic scales, many astrophysicists recognize the “fundamentally electromagnetic structure” of the stupendous jets, hundreds of thousands of lightyears long, emanating from active galactic nuclei. At a much smaller scale, in our solar system, electric current systems are known to link the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn with their respective moons. And on our own planet, in recent years with improved technology has come ever finer evidence of tremendous electric currents that are connected to previously unknown phenomena.

Nevertheless, antiquated notions of charge neutrality and disconnected bodies in empty space continue to dominate the space sciences. In this episode, our guest Richard Moore explores the role of electric currents, called Birkeland currents, throughout our electric solar system.

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