Plasma Jets and the Electric Earth | Space News

In this episode of Space News, Professor Donald Scott explains his own, original modeling of a Birkeland current’s structure, and he explores the significance of this new discovery from the Electric Universe perspective. In fact, in recent years, the term Birkeland current has appeared with increasing regularity in mainstream scientific literature. A groundbreaking new scientific report provides dramatic confirmation of our planet’s dynamic electrical environment, and the Earth/Sun connection. The European Space Agency’s SWARM mission has discovered “supersonic plasma jets high up in our atmosphere.” Attempting to provide historical context for the discovery, a report states: “The theory that there are huge electric currents, powered by solar wind and guided through the ionosphere by Earth’s magnetic field, was postulated more than a century ago by Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland….While much is known about these current systems, recent observations by SWARM have revealed that they are associated with large electrical fields.”

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